Monday, February 28, 2011

Knitted Yoga Socks

I can't believe another week has gone by. There are so many days, I just want things to slow down (or to win the lotto!!). This week I am knitting Yoga Socks! I am making them for an auction/fundraiser at my kids school. A lot of the mom's are into yoga (I would be too, if I only had the time - love it when I make it to a class). I got this pattern free at Michael's at least a year ago. As I was making the first one, I somehow lost the pattern, but was able to find it for FREE on line (See below for the link).

I am a knitter, but tend to like to knit with needles no smaller than a size 7 (wish that was my pants size too!). So, socks are not my thing (plus my feet are always hot). However, when I saw these I had to give them a try. I had never used double pointed needles was a piece of cake (even though it takes a round or two to get use to them).

This is a picture of one of the Yoga sock in "the making."

This is a picture of the same sock above, but where I am using the 4th needle to actually knit with. When I was first trying to figure out how to knit with double pointed needles, I didn't realize you were suppose to use a 4th one as a needle that you knit onto. I was trying to only knit with the 3 needles and it was difficult and tight.

Here is a picture of one of the finished Yoga Socks. If my toe nails were painted, I would model it for you (see photo above for a fabulous picture of the sock on a person).

Yarn - 2 skeins of Patons Kroy Socks (50 g/1.75 oz). I used Summer Moss Jacquard #55612 like the model did.
Needles - Se of four double pointed knitting needs U.S. 3 (3.25mm) or size needed to obtain tension.
Skill - Easy, it is just knit and purl stitches.

Additional instructions - the pattern it says, " rep last 8 rnds for texture pat until work from beg measures approx 4 ins (10 cm), ending on a 4th or 8th rnd of pat. This was 32 rows of the working pattern for me (or 4 times through the 8 rounds).
Near the end of the instructions - the pattern says, "beg on 2nd rnd, work approx 2 1/2 ins (6cm) in texture pat ending on a 1st or 5th rnd of pat. This was 28 rows of the working pattern for me (starting with row 2 (row 1 already knitted) + 28 = 29 rows. There are 8 rows in the round - so 3 rounds plus 5 (ending on the 5th row).

My sister made these and she used size U.S. 2 double pointed needles. She loves making socks and using tiny needles! Her work is so amazing.

For FREE pattern, click here.

Keep in mind there are lots of on-line/youtube tutorials to help you learn to knit. Give it a try. I always have a knitting project with me. Whenever I am waiting on others (like at school, practice, games, etc.) I whip out my knitting. I feel I am not "wasting" time since I hate to sit idle.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Remember, I love comments! Please let me know what you think of the Yoga Socks!

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