Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time to Color Eggs

My kids were so excited to color eggs this year, but I was even more excited.  Last year, I read about this easy way to dye eggs without staining your hands.  I have waited 12 long months to give this try.....but it was worth it.

Of course after we dyed our eggs last year, I read an article in Family Fun about how you can use a whisk to dye eggs.  It has to be a larger whisk and you separate it a little and put the egg in the center.  My kids loved it.

Now for a little advice.  Don't think that you can lay the whisk down (unless you have a big strong bowl).  I tried to lay the whisk up against the side of a very small bowl (I know, what was I thinking) and the bowl and dye went all over the floor.  UGH!  By the way, you can't tell in the photo, but it is snowing out.

Another trick that I read about (you guessed it, last year) was adding glitter to your egg.  This was very easy and mess free!  Seriously, it was not messy at all.  Once your egg is dry, use a very strong two way craft tape.  I used my Terrifical Tacty Tape that I believe I got at Hobby Lobby.  My girls put strips of tape where they wanted the glitter to go on the egg.  Next, they sprinkled glitter in a bowl and rolled the egg around.  Once all the tape is covered with have a beautiful "blingin' egg."  The glitter they used was by Martha Stewart purchased at Michael's.

Before Glitter

After Glitter
I hope you enjoyed this two tricks and remember, there is always next year if you already colored your eggs!

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