Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baseball, Apple Pie and Fourth of July!

I remember my grandmother always saying this time of year.....Baseball, Apple Pie and Fourth of July!  Of course my grandfather (the farmer) would always say, "the corn needs to be knee high by the Fourth of July!"  Priorities!  My grandmother loved baseball, her favorite team being the Detroit Tigers.  I know, I know...but being from Michigan, we are die-hard fans.  Her apple pie was loved by all. I honor of my grandmother, I made this......

  • Tin pail/container - $1 at Target
  • Firework straws - $2 at Target
  • Flag Tootsie Rolls, red and blue starred Tootsie Pops, and Baseball gumballs - Wegmans bulk aisle

I filled the pail about 3/4 full with shredded paper (yup, all those credit card applications that went through the shredded!).  I filled the rest of the pail with the Tootsie Rolls and Baseball gumballs. Next I stuck 5 of the firework straws in the bucket (cutting the front 2 shorter).  The last step was to add the Tootsie Pops.

I took this to work and they were totally amazed (right brain accountants!!). The guys LOVED the Baseball gumballs and had a great walk down memory lane. Do you remember them as kid? My siblings and I use to love them. The Flag Tootsie Rolls were a big hit too. None of use have every seen them.

Happy Fourth of July to you all.  Be safe and enjoy the long weekend, baseball and apple pie!

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