Monday, September 1, 2014

Super Easy Halloween Invite

I have a super easy Halloween card for you all today.  I turned mine into a Party invite.

Paper:   Halloween pattern paper (any kind will do) 8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12.
             Coordinating color paper 8.5 x 11.

Decorative Adhesive: Halloween shaped adhesives (I purchased mine at Michaels).

Adhesive:   Any kind will do.

First cut the paper to 4 x 10.5 inches.  Score at 3 and 8 inches. 

 Fold along the scored lines.  

The ends should overlap approximately a half inch.

Adhere the decorative item half way on the folded over piece of paper.  I stuck the other half of the decorative adhesive to my finger a few times to make it less sticky.  This will allow the recipient to open the invitation without ripping the card.

Now for the inside.  On the computer I typed out the inside of invitation.  

I cut the inside to 3.75 x 10.  Score where ever you need to, depending on what you typed and font/size.  Make sure you have 5 inches between the score lines so it fits inside the card.

Using adhesive, I attached the inside in.

How is that for super easy?  I had to keep this card/invitation very easy as I have a ton to make.  We hold an annual Halloween party.  The whole neighborhood comes plus many more.  Part of our tradition, is each of my kids get to invite a different friend and their family to the party every year.  Once you are on the invitation get invited every year.  So, the party grows at least three families each year.  It always seems my husband and I add a family too! Given I have 37 invites to make.  I need them to be SUPER easy!  I also keep my fingers crossed (and toes) that it is nice weather that day.  My house can't hold that many people.

Other ideas: You can adhere anything inside....make it a Happy Halloween greeting card.  Stick a piece of flat candy (mini airhead, stick or gum, sweet tarts, etc.) inside and hand out for Halloween, put in your child's lunch, send in to your child's teacher, or surprise an office mate.  The possibilities are many!

Now, a VERY important question for you.....I need your help.

We always play games at the Halloween party and the kids love it.  Last year, my daughter had just gotten out of the hospital from a three week stay and I was not prepared for the party.  I had games for the kids to play, but nothing organized.  The kids all told me as they were leaving, they loved party, but could we have "my fun" games next year.  Talk about pressure! This is where I need your help.....I am tapped out of new ideas for games.

Please leave me a comment with suggestions for games.  The age group is kindergarden to 6th grade.  Thanks for your help......and happy crafting!

I originally posted on Outnumbered 3 to 1

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