Friday, January 24, 2014

Quck and Easy to Make Valentines

The other night, my girls and I sat down and made up quick Valentines.  They made them for their classmates and I made them for work.  All together we made 75 of them in about 60 minutes.

Here are the ones I made for work.  I picked the following sayings:

Have a Dino-Mite Valentine's Day! (Dinosaur in the center)
Hopping By To Say Happy Valentine's Day! (Frog in the center)
Have a Beary Valentine's Day! (Bear in the center)

Supplies List:

  • My Creative Time Classmate Valentine Stamp Set
  • Plain paper (I used white)
  • Valentine pattern paper (or colored paper)
  • Paper Trey Ink pads - scarlet jewel and true black
  • Adhevsive - pop dots and glue dots
  • Punches - 1 3/8 inch circle and 1 3/4 inch scallop circle
  • Candy - I used Dove chocolates and my girls are going to use Valentine suckers.

Step 1 - stamp outer circle with your favorite sayings, in whatever color you chose.  My girls also used:

  • You're Purr-fect Valentine (Cat in the center)
  • I'm a Sucker for You, Valentine (Sucker in the center)
  • Have a Wild Day Valentine (Zebra in the center)
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Teacher (Apple in the center)

The sayings we didn't use were:

  • You're Out of This World, Valentine (Rocket ship in the center)
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Little Bug (Ladybug in the center)

Step 2 - stamp the center item in whatever color you chose.  I used black.  My daughter decided to color hers in - which added some piazza!

Step 3 - Using the circle punch, punch out your sayings.  Using the scallop punch and pattern paper (or colored paper) punch as many scallops as you need.

Step 4 - Assemble.  We used the pop dot to adhere the circle to the scallop.

Step 5 - Using glue dots, adhere the scallop to the chocolate (suckers once I buy them from the store!!)

Step 6 - Share with others!

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment and I will reply.  I hope you enjoyed this easy to make Valentine.

I originally posted January 23rd on Outnumbered 3 to 1.

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