Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine in a Pot

I know I am a little late in getting the craft post up, but please forgive me.  I have had one of my kids home all week with.....the flu.  Yes, we all got our flu shots!  The problem with my job, is that just because I am home with a sick a child, doesn't mean I am off....the work still has to get done and it is year end....which means long, long hours.  So, I apologize for being late, but I hope the wait is worth it!

First, take a good look at the photo.  Yes, those are Halloween sticks that I made and stuck in my plant (dying plant).  My kids have been giving me a hard time - begging me to remove them, but I love Halloween/Fall and just haven't gotten around to it yet.  However, my Christmas decorations (including outside lights) are all down and put away (only because we had a weekend that was over 60 degrees!!). So when Melissa asked if my craft was Valentine theme, I said no.  However, I decided to re-think it!

I ran to Michaels tonight and purchased these for less than $5.  They were right when I walked in on the their big Valentine display.  Red glitter hearts with a bow on a stick and K & Co. 3-D Valentine embellishments.  I love K & Co. crafts.

All I did was stick three of the embellishments onto the glitter heart and stuck them in my plant.



Even looks kind of cute from the back!  Next I stuck three of the sticks I made and two of the glitter hearts with a bow into the plant.  I added three of the smaller embellishments to the pot and done!

This seriously took me less than 5 minutes to make.  Now we will see if my kids notice in the morning!

Note:  My plant is looking rather ill - it is some sort of cactus.  My son really wanted a cactus this summer and we found this at the farmer's market. I have a feeling it isn't liking being stuck in my kitchen window given it is below zero out!  It is really flimsy and shrunk up.  Any green thumbs out there that can give me some plant/cactus advice?  Seriously, I could kill a fake plant.

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