Monday, March 24, 2014

Sew-free Saint Customes

My son had to write a report on his favorite Saint as a class project.  He chose St. Patrick.  When I saw the requirements of the report - must dress as your Saint while giving oral report......I gulped, broke out in a cold sweat, slept on it and hit "google"!  With a photo of St. Patrick, off to the fabric I went....with my son in tow.

At the fabric store, I started having ideas of how to make other costumes for the holiday shows coming up.  After phoning a few of my friends, I found myself helping with other costumes! Here is what it took to make the St. Patrick's costume above:

White Sheet - Twin top sheet (I had one that I bought for $4 when I was going to make a ghost for my front yard).  You can also go to goodwill, find a clearance white sale, or buy cheap white fabric (probably your most expensive option).
3 yards of light blue felt
1.5 yards of kelly green felt
0.5 yards of flat braided gold ribbon
9 yards of wide flat gold ribbon
2 sheet of gold glitter 12x12 pager

NOTE:  I did not mention a sewing do NOT need one!

Fold the sheet in half and hold it up to the child.  Make a cut on one side (near shoulder) and another cut on the other side.  Now cut a half circle, starting with one cut and ending at the other.  This will make a hole for your child to put their head through it.

Have child stand on chair and cut the front and back to appropriate length.  It is fine to have the bottom of pants and shoes showing.  You don't want anyone tripping.

Repeat with light blue felt and kelly green felt.  While child is on chair cut the light blue felt anywhere between the knees and mid-thigh.  Also, curve the corners.  Don't stress over this and just eyeball it all. No one will able to see if it is not perfect.  When cutting the kelly green felt, you want it to be close to the child's waist.  Again, curve the corners.

Take the wide flat gold ribbon and start stapling around the edge of the light blue and kelly green felt.  No one will see the staples.  Take the flat braided gold ribbon and staple it down the center of the green felt.

To make the "hat" I took two 12x12 glitter gold sheets of paper and placed one on top of the other and cut one corner off (both sheets).  Next I lined up the paper and stapled it so the edge that sits on the head were lined up and stapled it (one side only).  Holding the paper (two sheets stapled together), I held it to my sons head and joined the other side and stapled.

Cut a cross out of left over kelly green felt and staple it on the "hat."  I put little pieces of green felt where the hat rested on his ears to make it more comfortable.

For all those holiday shows coming up soon, there are several other costumes that are easy to do.

Need a Shepard in your show?  Take a brown sheet (instead of white) or brown fabric and do the same thing.  Belt with a piece of rope or twine.  Tuck the corners into the belt and you create "sleeves!"  Take the left over sheet or fabric and drape over the head.  You can tie a piece of rope or twine around the head if you want.

For girls, you can do the same thing with a black sheet or piece of fabric.  Where a white shirt underneath (or turtle neck).  Wrap a white scarf around the neck - done!

Have a black dress?  How about a brownies vest and a white shawl?  If you answered yes, here is a simple costume for a girl.  You can't even see the brownie patches!

Need Mary in your holiday show?  This too is a very easy costume.  This was put together at our local goodwill store.  We found a light blue night gown and a blue robe.  Belted it with a white rope, put a white scarf around her head.....and we had Mary.

Creating costumes for all the holiday shows coming up shouldn't stress you out.  Think of what you need and the easiest way to find it.  Remember, a stapler is your friend - you really don't need a sewing machine or glue.  Keep in mind the audience will be a distance away and won't even notice.  Their focus is on the performance!

I posted this originally on Outnumbered 3 to 1.

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